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The Projects page in Optimizer for Jira gives you a high-level management view of your Jira Projects and includes:

  • Project Identifier (ID)

  • Key

  • Name

  • Description

  • Type

  • Category

  • Project Lead

  • Issue Type Screen Scheme

  • Issue Type Scheme

  • Workflow Scheme

  • Last Active Date

  • Issue Count

  • Avatar and Avatar Identifier

The Search functionality allows you to filter the Projects shown in the view based on their name, key, or type.

The Project properties available in the table view, as well as the number of Projects shown on a single page can be configured using the ⚙️ Options menu.

The Export button allows you to download the Project information in CSV format.

A number of actions can be performed at bulk on Projects selected within the view, such as:

  • Archive Project

  • Add Users to Project Role

  • Change Project Category

  • Change Project Lead

  • Change Permissions Scheme

  • Delete Project

Please note that Archiving is currently under maintenance. We are working to re-instate the Archiving feature Jira Data Center.

For example, you can archive Projects in bulk by following the instructions below:

  1. Use the Table Headers to sort the table.

  2. Select the Projects you want to archive by using the checkbox shown next to each row on the table.

  3. When you are ready, click on the Archive button located to the bottom right.

  4. Confirm the archival process.

  5. Done.

Definition: Small Project

In Optimizer for Jira, a small project is any empty project or project with less than 10 issues. This definition is setup by default and is not currently configurable.

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