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Optimizer for Jira - 4.1.8

Release Date



Jira Server/DC 7.10.0 - 8.18.1

Key Update


We’re pleased to announce the release of Optimizer for Jira 4.1.8 🥳

Release date: 23rd July 2021

Compatibility: Versions 7.10.0 - 8.18.1

What has changed?

There have been a number of changes made in this release and these are broken down below:

New features:

  • Added a configuration setting in the Optimizer settings menu that allows Jira Admins to select the minimum number of days a should be inactive before being labelled as “inactive”.

    • This “inactive” label in Optimizer can be used by Jira Admins to identify Projects that are candidates for archiving or deletion.

  • The object deep dive now opens when it an entry is double-clicked


  • Fixed a problem where unused notification schemes were not displaying an issue count of zero (0)

  • Screens with associated Workflows, but without ScreenSchemes, will now appear as “locked” and are no longer available for deletion

  • Fixed a problem with board deletion in Jira Software 8.5

General Improvements:

  • Improved the Health Check that analyses the Jira index consistency

  • Minor UI improvements

  • Minor performance analysis improvements

  • Optimizer is now compatible up to Jira version 8.18.1

How to upgrade to the latest version

In Jira click “Apps” at the top of the screen and then click “Manage Apps”. On this screen you will be able to update to the latest version.

Give us your feedback

We’d love to hear about how you are using our products and if there’s any feedback you have that can help us make them even better.

Send this to us directly via our Service Desk.

What new features are coming?

There is an extensive roadmap of new features planned for Optimizer for Jira. However, if you don’t see what you are looking for and have suggestions for new features please get in touch.

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