If you are considering migrating your Jira instance from Server or Data Center to the cloud, this page will provide you with useful information about Optimizer for Jira and how it can help you with the migration.

Optimizer for Jira data


If you are using Optimizer for Jira in Server or Data Center, there is no migration process required specifically for this app.

Optimizer is designed to help you optimize your Jira instance and only displays information based on what is contained in your Jira instance. It does not store any data that needs to be migrated and this means you can continue to use Optimizer on your current Jira instance without any implications to your planned migration.

Using Optimizer to prepare for your Jira migration

Optimizer for Jira is a great tool to help you prepare your Jira instance for migration to the cloud. By using Optimizer to perform an instance review and clean-up, you can minimize the amount of data that needs to be migrated across your Jira instances.

Optimizer is an excellent tool for identifying unused or unnecessary data, such as outdated custom fields, inactive users, or unused workflows. By removing this data, you can reduce the amount of data that needs to be migrated and ensure your new cloud instance contains the required information and does not become cluttered with unused or stale data that could cause problems at a later date.

With less data to migrate, the migration process should be faster and your new cloud instance should be easier to manage.