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Migrating to Jira Cloud

If you are considering migrating your Jira instance from Server or Data Center to the Cloud, this page provides useful information about Optimizer for Jira and how it can help make your migration even easier.

Do you need to migrate Optimizer for Jira data?

Great news! No migration is required to move Optimizer for Jira from Server/Data Center to Jira Cloud.

Optimizer does not store any data that needs to be migrated and will only display information based on what is contained in your Jira system. This means you can continue to use Optimizer on your current Jira instance without any implications to your planned migration.

Use Optimizer to speed up your migration process

Optimizer is the all-in-one Jira admin tool that is designed to help you audit, analyze, configure, and optimize your Jira sites. It will help you review the Jira site and perform a clean-up, minimizing the amount of data that needs to be migrated across to the new Jira instance.

Hundreds of admins worldwide are using the features in Optimizer to streamline their Jira migration process. It excels at helping admins identify unused, inactive, or unnecessary data, such as outdated custom fields, inactive users, or unused workflows. Once identified, you can easily configure or delete projects, custom fields, or other configurations in a matter of minutes.

With less data to migrate, the migration process should be faster, and your new Jira Cloud site should be easier to use and manage over the long term.

Keep your Jira Cloud site in great condition with Optimizer

You have likely invested a lot of time, effort, and resources into making the migration a success, but remember, once the migration is complete, the work is not complete.

It’s important to keep your Jira Cloud site in the best condition possible so your teams can maximize their use of it, and Optimizer can help. The cloud version of Optimizer for Jira is the perfect tool to help you perform routine site audits, easily identify areas for improvement, and clean up Jira so it is absent of any unused, inactive, or duplicate data.

Optimizer’s cloud version comes packed with powerful features, including;

  • Health Checks: identify problems and areas for improvement with automated health checks

  • Instance Overview: view your Jira instance at-a-glance and get a true birds-eye perspective

  • Smart Tables: deep dive into any project, custom field, or configuration, and see the data you need to make better informed decisions

  • Bulk Actions: make changes to multiple projects, custom fields and other configurations in a matter of seconds

  • Inline Editing: make rapid edits to certain attributes of projects, custom fields, and other configurations (e.g. names, descriptions, keys. etc)

  • Export to CSV: export any of the smart table data into CSV for further analysis and discussion with stakeholders.

If you would like to see Optimizer in action, please book a personalized demo with one of our expert team at a date/time convenient for you. Alternatively, you can get a free 30-day trial through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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