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H2 Problems in Production

(error) Problem

With the release of Jira 9.5, Atlassian upgraded the embedded database H2 from version 1.4.200 to version 2.1.214. The upgrade fixed a bunch of vulnerability issues, but the extent of the changes meant that an automatic migration was not possible.

Customers updating to Jira 9.5 and above that use H2 in production will need to manually migrate their database data for compatibility. We have not yet completed this migration process in Optimizer for Jira, but it is being worked on by our development team.

We advise our customers using H2 that wish to update to Jira 9.5 (or above) to proceed with one of the following options:

  1. Wait until a release of Optimizer for Jira is announced with H2 2.1.214 compatibility, or

  2. Use the workaround provided below

(tick) Workaround

When using H2 and Jira 9.5 (or above), the Optimizer for Jira app will initially be broken due to incompatibility with H2 2.1.214. Whilst we work on the migration needed for compatibility, the following workaround will restore the app in the meantime.

Assign NON_KEYWORDS=HOUR,WHEN at the end of JDBC connection URLs. For example,


The JDBC URL usually exists within the dbconfig.xml file. There can be multiple versions of this file, one for each node in your data center cluster. The assignment should be added within each dbconfig.xml file. Each node’s Jira instance may need to be restarted for the change to take effect.

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