Custom fields with global contexts are available to use by all projects in your Jira instance, but only a handful actually use them. To improve performance, you can automatically change their context to project-specific, applying them only to relevant projects.


Optimizer for Jira provides a four step process of automatically identifying and configuring optimal scope for Custom Fields.

1. Scan for Fields

You can configure what criteria are used to identify Custom Fields for optimization by specifying a maximum number of allocated Projects and Issue Types, and minimum number of Issues. This can be configured in the Advanced section, shown in the figure below.

2. Select Fields

Optimizer will display Custom Fields that match the specified criteria and display a preview of Suggested Scope for each field, as shown in the figure below.

Use the checkboxes in the table to select custom fields for optimization and click on the Select Fields button to confirm your selection.

3. Preview Changes

Once the selection of custom fields has been confirmed, you can preview the New Scope for each custom fields before any changes have been applied, as show in the figure below.

If you are happy with all changes, click on the Apply Changes button.

4. Optimized Fields

Optimizer for Jira will display the changes that have been applied, as shown in the figure below.