Health Checks are a great way to identify problems in Jira and save the time of your Jira Administrators. Optimizer for Jira comes with over 20 health checks which can be used to analyze your Jira instance and show warnings or errors when something is detected that is considered bad practice or incorrect.

Health checks are displayed as cards on the homepage of Optimizer for Jira with green, yellow, or red color indicating pass, warning, or error status, respectively.

Viewing the Health Check details

By clicking on a health check card you can view specific details about the warning or error. This is shown in the screenshot on the right.

By clicking on a row in the view showing the failures and warnings, you can deep dive to either fix the issue or to find out more information about the detected problem.

List of checks

To view a list of health checks in a specific category (e.g., Warning, Failed, etc.), click on a section of the chart, or the 4 badges on the page.

By clicking on the Total badge you will get a detailed list of all checks.