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3.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date



Jira Server/DC 7.2.10 - 7.12.3



Data Center Compatibility

Cleaner for Jira is now fully Data Center compliance and has passed extensive performance and scalability tests.


  • Search tables to find configuration items faster

  • View Jira Server Logs within the App

  • Switch between Jira users

  • Index Status Indicator to check the integrity between the Index and the Database

  • Server-side Caching for faster performance

  • Modify the number of results shown per page

  • Inactive Users shows the number of times the user was an Assignee and Reporter

  • Auto-Select Users who have never logged in

  • The limit for the number of Projects and Issue Types shown in Custom Field Deep Dive, is increased

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-Select now correctly shows the checkmarks and does not scramble the data

  • On the Delete pop-up window, the Detailed Information link now redirects to the Audit Log where it shows more information about the deletion

  • The History table has now been re-added in the History Report section

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