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1.1.7 Release Notes

Release Date



Jira Server 7.1.0 - 7.3.9


  • Data Center compatibility

    • Cleaner for JIRA is now compatible with JIRA Data Center

  • Increased Scan Performance

    • You can now benefit from a much shorter scan time by using the pre-enabled Quick Scan feature

    • Expect a 75% decrease in scan time

  • Inactive Users Configuration

    • You can now select how many days a user must have not logged in to be considered inactive

    • You can also set the 'Remember Me' cookie duration to account for this feature if you have it enabled (defaults to 14 days) to offset for the JRASERVER-13089 bug.

  • Added Links to additional support

  • Added Full Name to the Users List

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error condition that would reduce your deletions even if the deletion was not successful (only affects evaluation users)

  • Fixed an error where the Deep Dive panel would show the wrong name in the title.

  • Added Error Throwing to the Workflow deletion


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