David works at a large company who are evaluating Jira as their central project management solution. One of their primary requirements is to create highly specific objects for modeling the way the organizations works. The ability to use custom fields makes Jira a powerful workflow management tool. Custom fields can be used to help agents resolve a request, discuss issues with vendors, and categorize requests. These types of fields can also be customized to capture different types of information on project's issue types.

However, managing a large number of custom fields can be a challenge. Different teams in David’s company often have similar fields to add specific information. As a result, it is common to find duplicate names or use specific names that cannot be reused by other teams (e.g., "Marketing Objective" instead of "Objective"). Optimizer for Jira gives David’s company the right solution to address this problem.

Product Features

  • Viewing Custom Fields

  • Configure Custom fields

Use Case

Using Optimizer for Jira, David can see at glance a list of all custom fields used in Jira alongside their Issue Count, Data Type, Field Type properties. He is often using this feature to find similar Custom Fields using the search bar. By clicking on a field name, he can access the configuration page of a Custom Field, where he can set the Screens on which a Custom Field will appear.