Jira Issues are made up of Fields. You can choose the number of fields to appear when creating, editing, or transitioning issues, and also create custom fields for your teams. Custom fields allow people working on issues within any of your Jira projects to add information specific to your team's needs. However, as your Jira instance grows so is the number of custom fields available to all Projects and Issue Types in your Jira instance.

Optimizer for Jira allows you to see at glance and search through all Fields on your system.

The Optimizer’s interface displays properties of each Field, such as name, ID, orderable, navigable, searchable, field type, data type, as well as the number of associated issues.

The Optimizer’s search functionality allows you to filter the displayed fields by name. The Issue Count indicates in how many Jira Issues each field is used.

This allows you to identify similar or redundant fields on your Jira instance. By clicking on the name of a displayed field, you can navigate to the corresponding configuration page where the field can be modified or removed.