As a Jira administrator, you can manage or customize default issue Statuses, Resolutions, Priorities and Link Types. Optimizer for Jira provides an interface where Admins can view and navigate between all attributes from a single page.

Editing a Status 

Statuses can be mapped to one workflow step and represent the position of an Issue in its workflow. Optimizer allows you view all Statuses on your Jira instance alongside their Description and Status Category.

To edit a Status, click on its name and a new page will open where you can update the Status properties.

Editing a Resolution

Resolutions are the ways in which a Jira Issue can be closed. Optimizer shows all Resolutions on your Jira instance together with their Description and number of associated Issues.

To edit a Resolution, click on the corresponding name and the edit page will open in a new tab within your web browser.

Editing a Priority

An issue's Priority indicates its relative importance. Jira Admins can customize both the priorities and their meanings to better fit the organization needs.

Optimizer for Jira 

Editing or Deleting a Link Type

Issue linking allows you to create an association between issues on either the same or different Jira servers. For instance, an issue may duplicate another, or its resolution may depend on another's.