Optimizer for Jira is a powerful app that can save the time and effort of your Jira Administrators. Optimizer can clean up your Jira instances by removing outdated Jira Projects, Boards, Issue Types, Filters and Statuses on your system. The easy to use table interface contains sortable columns and drop-down menus to help with day-to-day tasks such as bulk editing, migration or a merger.

You will find the most common use cases below. These will give you insights into possible scenarios you may encounter and how Optimizer for Jira can help improve the performance of your Jira systems.

Deleting unused objects

Djamal works as a Jira Admin responsible for maintaining Jira Software and Jira Service Desk in his company. He was receiving performance issue reports from his colleagues. Upon investigating further, Djamal found a number of unused Jira objects that were potentially causing these performance problems.

Find out how Optimizer for Jira can be used to identify unused Jira objects and make necessary changes to improve system performance.

Managing custom fields

Oliver is the IT Leader for a small business that are using Jira for internal and external project management. The customization of fields that appear in the dialogue is one of the most useful features to Oliver’s team, allowing them to make the required customizations to meet their needs. However, as the team accommodated new project requirements over time the number of custom fields has increased significantly. Oliver started to notice that their Jira system is running slower as a result of the increased index size.

Find out how Optimizer for Jira can be used to identify duplicated or unused custom fields.

Cross-instance project migration

Emily is an Infrastructure System Administrator for a large manufacturing business. She needs to migrate all projects, issues, workflows and users from one Jira Cloud application to another but there are a significant number of Jira objects in the existing data and not all of them are needed on the new instance.

Learn how Optimizer for Jira can help identify and delete objects that are no longer required so that a successful migration can be completed.

Moving from Server to Cloud

Francisco is part of the administration team for a large media company. They have been using on-premises Jira servers for years and have recently moved to the cloud version for improved security, smarter integrations, and automatic scaling - without the server maintenance and IT overhead. After the migration, Francisco identified many unused Jira objects leftover from the old system that are no longer used.

Find out how Optimizer for Jira Cloud can be used to clean up Jira objects after Server to Cloud migration.