Francisco is part of the administration team for a large media company. They have been using on-premises Jira servers for years and have recently moved to the cloud version for improved security, smarter integrations, and automatic scaling - without the server maintenance and IT overhead. After the migration, Francisco identified many unused Jira objects leftover from the old system that are no longer used.

Product Features

  • Analyzing Jira Objects

  • Using the Interface

Use Case

Francisco has been using Optimizer for Jira on their server instance for several years but they are now moving from on-premises to Jira Cloud. The Cloud version of Optimizer has an excellent set of features that allows Francisco to view the big picture and continue to maintain their system with ease.

The customizable Dashboard of Optimizer shows an overview of all objects that currently exist on the system and allows Francisco to keep track of how many of their Jira objects have been migrated.

The Projects page shows at glance all Projects on currently available on the system and their properties, such as number of issues, issue types, and last active date.