Once the App is installed, it can be accessed by clicking Jira Settings > Apps > Optimizer for Jira 

This will navigate you to the Optimizer for Jira Cloud home page. 

Home Page

In the home page, you will be able to view basic information about the configuration items. They are shown in a bar chart indicating the number of each item. From the home page, you are able to navigate to other tabs which provides more detail about the items. There are seven tabs in total: Home, Projects, Boards, Filters, Fields, Issue Types and Issue Attributes.


This tab lists the Projectsthat are in the Jira instance. Information shown include the project lead, type, last update and the number of issues.


This shows all the Boards in the Jira instance. The type of Board (Scrum, Kanban etc.), number of admins and admin groups are shown.


Filters, the owner and the number of items are displayed.


The Custom Fields, its type and the number of Issues that it has value in are shown.

Issue Types

The Issue Types, their type and the number of Issues that are of that type are listed.

Issue Attributes

There are four mini-tabs within this tab, these are: 

  • Statuses

  • Priority

  • Resolution

  • Issue Link Types


In general, this tool provides its users with a simple way to view the status of the instance. Items can be navigated by clicking on them and modifying (editing and deleting) can be done by clicking the ellipses.