Emily is an Infrastructure System Administrator for a large manufacturing business. She needs to migrate all projects, issues, workflows and users from one Jira Cloud application to another but there are a significant number of Jira objects in the existing data and not all of them are needed on the new instance.

Product Features

  • Analyzing Jira Objects

  • Using the Interface

Use Case

In the source instance, she has several projects and users working on these projects and she'd like to transfer the projects to the target instance along with the configuration, issues, and attachments.  Ideally, after the migration, her users wouldn't even notice the change, however, there are a number of Jira objects that are not used anymore and should not be copied to the new instance.

In order to identify such objects, Emily is using the Export functionality of Optimizer for Jira Cloud.

This allows her to download a CSV file with describing the Jira objects on the Jira instance she can send to her colleagues to identify the ones that are not used anymore.

Optimizer for Jira Cloud also allows Emily to Delete multiple Jira objects at once.