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Workflows for Confluence - June 2024

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We’re delighted to announce the June 2024 update to Workflows for Confluence has just been released.

New features 💎

  • We have extended the functionality of the Publish Content action such that:

    • When Clone Page Ancestry is enabled, hierarchy changes to the original pages will be reflected in the published pages

    • When Clone Page Ancestry is de-activated, any published pages that have been moved will be returned to their correct location

  • We have added links to the original and published pages from the main byline of the published and original pages respectively. In light of this, we have added a deprecation notice to the ‘Linked To’ byline

Improvements 🛠️

  • Users are appropriately notified that they should ensure that a time is selected for the expiration date of an approval token

  • We have improved the stability of the Publish Content action:

    • To reduce the number of duplicated pages when publishing

    • To make publishing more likely to succeed when we encounter certain Atlassian errors

  • When saving a workflow, the workflow pop up will only close once the workflow is successfully saved, minimising the risk of data loss in the unlikely event of a problem occuring

Bug fixes 🐛

  • If we are notified with a delay that a page has been created, we will now verify whether a workflow has been manually applied to the page before applying a workflow via the auto-assign functionality

  • When specifying a CQL query for the auto-assign functionality which includes the creator field, it is now possible to search for user IDs which contain characters : or -

Updating to the latest version: this update has been automatically applied to Workflows for Confluence, so no action is required from you.

Additional Information:

Future updates 🔮

  • Check out our product roadmap to see which features and improvements are coming to Workflows for Confluence soon

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