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Workflows for Confluence - July 2024

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We’re delighted to announce the July 2024 update to Workflows for Confluence has just been released.

Improvements 🛠️

  • Released a security patch to address any emerging vulnerabilities

  • Informational flags generated by Workflows for Confluence will now auto-dismiss unless they contain information about an error

  • We have added tooltips to the Bulk Change execute button to flag why it has been de-activated and cannot be clicked

  • Workflows in dropdown menus will now display whether they are at the Global or Space level (i.e. whether they have been created from within global settings or space settings)

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Within the Search page, the Approvers column now displays the correct approval status for each approver

  • Workflows can now no longer be applied to a home page of a space

  • Within the Completed Actions table, long page names will now correctly display within the boundary of their table cell

  • The Approve and Reject transitions in the Workflow Editor will now correctly display in their original colours of green and red respectively

  • Workflows with long names now correctly display in dropdown menus

Updating to the latest version: this update has been automatically applied to Workflows for Confluence, so no action is required from you.

Additional Information:

Future updates 🔮

  • Check out our product roadmap to see which features and improvements are coming to Workflows for Confluence soon

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