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Workflows for Confluence - August 2023

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We’re delighted to announce the August 2023 update to Workflows for Confluence has just been released.

New features 💎

  • Enhanced Page Restrictions UI: If page restrictions are used on a page, and the Workflows for Confluence user does not have the required level of access needed, you will now see a warning message. This message will prompt you to manually adjust page restrictions so that Workflows can operate as intended

  • Document Control Table (Macro): You can now use the document control table, which combines all approved Official Version information for that Confluence page. This table can be published with the page content when using the Publish Content action, and if the toggle for ‘Copy Content Properties’ or ‘Publish Source Page Workflow Metadata’ is enabled, data from the source page will display. This table will display the following data:

    • Page ID

    • Page Title

    • Official Version number (note: the Confluence version will be displayed as a hyperlink)

    • Official Version Description

    • Official Version Owner

    • Date of Official Version creation

    • Date of Official Version approval

    • Workflow Approvals

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Using certain types of Expire on Edit options (e.g. transition to next status) no longer cause the workflow status byline to get out of sync

  • A page published using the Publish Content workflow action will now correctly implement any default workflows or auto assign rules defined either at the space or global level.

Updating to the latest version: this update has been automatically applied to Workflows for Confluence, so no action is required from you.

Additional Information:

Future updates 🔮

  • Check out our product roadmap to see which features and improvements are coming to Workflows for Confluence soon

Customer Support 🧡

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