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Workflows for Confluence - April 2024

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We’re delighted to announce the April 2024 update to Workflows for Confluence has just been released.

Improvements 🛠️

  • An update to a library to address an emerging vulnerability

  • When page restrictions are applied to a page and the Access feature is enabled, Workflows will automatically add the Workflows for Confluence user to page restrictions to ensure that the workflow runs successfully

  • Create Official Version statuses can now be searched on the Search page

  • Previously, approvers required edit access to the page they were approving. To ensure that workflows were transitioning successfully, Workflows used to automatically grant edit access to all approvers. As a result of related improvements, we have been able to remove this requirement, and we now only provide the Workflows for Confluence user with edit access instead

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Pages can now be approved even if the Workflows for Confluence user doesn’t have access to the page. Please note that in this case, the approver needs edit access for the approval to complete

  • If the Set Page Restrictions action is used multiple times within a workflow, the configuration of each action is now independent of the other actions

  • The Official Versioning feature now works for pages with ids longer than 15 characters

  • Within the Workflow Builder, typing the character w in the action side panel no longer switches the cursor. Outside of this panel, keyboard shortcuts w and q are still available for changing the cursor

  • The webhook action will now be correctly triggered when a workflow is auto-assigned to a new page

  • Improvements to truncation and tooltips of macros

Updating to the latest version: this update has been automatically applied to Workflows for Confluence, so no action is required from you.

Additional Information:

Future updates 🔮

  • Check out our product roadmap to see which features and improvements are coming to Workflows for Confluence soon

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