Quality of Life Improvements

We have implemented some small improvements to the experience of using the App:

  • When removing the workflow from a page, provide an option to remove the workflow from all child pages

    • Allow the user to select an option to remove a workflow from pages under the current one, useful for resetting your space

  • Ignore Space Homepages from Automatic Assignment and Bulk Change operations

    • Space Homepages do not show the required UI for us to offer this functionality

Transition Bug Fix

The vulnerability meant that unauthorized users had the ability to transition a workflow to the next status. 

This vulnerability has been rated as P1, according to the scale published on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

The vulnerability was identified by a researcher on BugCrowd on the . Once we became aware of the issue, we found the cause by auditing the endpoint. Based on what we found, remediation actions have been taken ensure that this vulnerability is now fixed.

Based on our investigations, the vulnerability is not likely to have had any impact on you.