You can save time and find your pages with Workflows by using the Search functionality. This is particularly useful as the number of Confluence pages with Workflows increases.

Below you will find a short video tutorial on how to use the Search Functionality in Workflows for Confluence. Alternatively, you can follow the step by step guide below.

To view the Search page, select Workflows in the sidebar.

Once on the Search page you have the ability to filter the search.

Using the Filters

There are five optional filters you can use when searching for your Pages: Workflows, Spaces, Status, User Filter (Approval Status), User.


In the select list you have the option to select all workflows that are currently Enabled in either their Space/Globally.


In the select list you have the option to select all Spaces that are visible to you as a user.


In the select list you have the option to select any Status that exists on the Enabled Workflows.

User Filter + User

These two filters work in unison.  As a user it's useful to see any pages that are currently in an Approval Status and who the approval status is waiting on.  You have the option to use the filters:

  • Pending Approval From

  • Approved By

  • Rejected By

Once you have chosen your multiple filters, you can then select the users that the filter will then apply to.

After you have chosen the criteria you are going to filter on click on the Apply Filters button to complete your search.


If you wish to Export your search you can click Export to CSV in the top right side of the page.