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In Development


Key Summary Due Status
TRACK-257 Display Approvers in workflows export to CSV Gathering Interest
TRACK-256 Export all workflows search results in csv Gathering Interest
TRACK-254 Add export_view macro to Workflows to enable status rendering in Scroll Viewport Gathering Interest
TRACK-253 Provide REST API support for Workflows Gathering Interest
TRACK-252 Allow Manual transition from approval nodes Gathering Interest
TRACK-251 Enable use of separate email provider when using Email actions Gathering Interest
TRACK-250 Enable some editable fields in a page that don't trigger transitions (e.g. templates) Gathering Interest
TRACK-248 Add Option for Watchers in Email action Gathering Interest
TRACK-247 Improve linkage between documents published using the Publish Content action Gathering Interest
TRACK-246 Retaining version history for pages published using "Publish Action" Gathering Interest
TRACK-245 Enable workflows to be transitioned backwards Gathering Interest
TRACK-244 Enable the removal of approvers from workflows (part 2 - bulk change workflows) Gathering Interest
TRACK-243 Enable the removal of approvers from workflows (part 1 - individual workflows) Gathering Interest
TRACK-221 Display latest approved version in macro Gathering Interest
TRACK-220 Adjust status to "Expiring Soon" when expiration is imminent Gathering Interest
TRACK-219 Notifications when content is expiring Gathering Interest
TRACK-207 Add extra triggers to workflow builder Gathering Interest
TRACK-206 Bulk approval of pages with the same workflow Gathering Interest
TRACK-200 Add ability to prevent Workflow History from being removed Gathering Interest
TRACK-199 Make Report Macro for Workflows status Gathering Interest
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