It’s nearing Christmas and Kelly, Human Resources Manager, needs to the work Christmas Event to celebrate another successful year and wish everyone happy holidays. Based on feedback from previous years, she decides to keep it low key and choose a local restaurant where the Event can be held. Kelly wants to find out everyone’s preferences for the restaurant.

Product Features

  • Multiple Votes

  • Charting

Use Case

Kelly drafts up an e-mail and sends it to all staff. In the e-mail, it links to a Confluence page which outlines what’s happening on the day. At the end of it, she has posted a macro using Votes for Confluence to know everyone’s preferred restaurants. As everyone might prefer more than 1 option, she has enable the ability to select multiple options.

After everyone has voted, Kelly views the final results as a bar chart using Votes for Confluence’s graph functionality.

With Votes for Confluence, you can quickly gather opinions from all your team members and you can even ask people to vote on more than one option - if this is required.