Tim is a project manager for a video game company. He is currently in the process of evaluating some design concepts for the front cover of a new release. His external agency have sent him four leading concepts but he would like to get the perspective of his project team and which one they prefer.

Product Features

  • Voting

  • Voting History

Use Case

Tim has drafted a page in Confluence and included the four different pieces of concept art for the new video game. To quickly know everyone’s opinion, Tim uses Votes for Confluence to add a vote macro to the page. He leaves all the options as disabled since he only wants 1 person to vote for 1 design and he doesn’t need the bars to be differently coloured nor his teammates to see the results before they vote.

From the results above, Tim sees that Design A is a clear favourite. Through Votes for Confluence, Tim can quickly get feedback from his colleagues. He can also see detailed statistics on who voted for what and when.