Using Vote Macros is a great way to gather feedback from your teammates in Confluence.

To add a Vote Macro to your document, you simply add it as you would a regular macro in Confluence. In the content editor, type ‘/' followed by the phrase ‘vote macro’ and it should appear in the dropdown list as illustrated below.

When you add the macro click the edit icon and a settings dialog similar to the one below will be displayed.

Choose the settings you need for your vote macro before you share it with your teammates.

As a reminder, you can adjust the following settings:

  1. Question: Add a question for your votes.

  2. Options: Add 2 or more options that users can pick from.

  3. Enable the selection of multiple options.

  4. Enable showing the results before a user votes.

  5. Enable the use of different colours for each options.

Once you have selected your vote macro settings, click Save and the vote macro will be added to the page. The Vote macro will look similar to the one below and can now be shared with your teammates in Confluence.