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Compliance for Confluence 3.3.0

Release Date



Confluence Server/DC 6.11.0 - 7.7.4


  • Force Classification

    • Fully supports Collaborative Editing

    • The lozenge will update every 10 seconds to display the latest Classification Level

  • Added space names to Statistics page

  • When System override is enabled, clearly disable the Space Settings

  • Classification Search now show the total number of results

  • Added an interface to the Spaces page to recover space admin permissions

  • Invalidates space cache immediately after changes, removing the need to wait 5 minutes

  • Minor visual improvements

    • Empty table state

    • Space icon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Automation Rule emails were sent every page update for the same sensitive data

  • Fixed an issue where the space list in the Spaces page would show no results if the user did not have permission. It now shows spaces the user has permission for

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