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Bulk Change Classification

Save time and use this feature to apply page classification levels across multiple pages at once. To use bulk change, there are two inputs required; the CQL and the Classification Level selection. All the pages that are returned by the CQL will be classified as the Classification Level that has been selected.

Examples of CQL

  • space = "DS1" - this will select all the pages within the DS1 space

There is no need to specify type = "page" as that is automatically prepended to your CQL query.

Bulk Classify Pages Pending Classification

You can use the Bulk Classify feature in Compliance for Confluence to classify pages pending classification by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Bulk Classify feature in Compliance for Confluence

  • Paste the following CQL string:[classification].name.index != 0 AND[classification].name.index != 1 AND[classification].name.index != 2 AND[classification].name.index != 3 AND[classification].name.index != 4 AND[classification].name.index != 5 AND[classification].name.index != 6 AND[classification].name.index != 7 AND[classification].name.index != 8 AND[classification].name.index != 9

  • Make a note of the number of pages captured by the CQL string and check this is the correct number of pages “Pending Classification” as shown in the Compliance for Confluence search.

  • Once you are satisfied this will cover the correct Confluence pages, begin the Bulk Classification process

Enable logs at debug level

  • Settings > General configuration > Logging and Profiling

  • Scroll to the "Add New Entry" section

  • Under "Class/Package Name", type in ""

  • Under "New Level", select DEBUG 

  • Click "Add entry"

Please note that the log settings are temporary and will reset when Confluence restarts, therefore it might be necessary to enable logs again.

For more information on finding the Confluence logs, please click here.

Understanding the logs being printed

All log lines relating to Bulk Classification are pre-pended with "Compliance for Confluence - Bulk Classify" 



Number of pages to Classify: 101

The total number of pages returned by the CQL entered by the user. These will be classified as the level the user selected.

Overall progress, 92 of 101 pages (91%), Classifying: Requirements Gathering

This shows the overall progress: the number of pages classified versus the total number of pages to be classified, the percentage of work completed and the current page being classified.

Completed, processed 101 pages

This dictates that the task has been completed and the number of pages that has been successfully classified.

Executing CQL, number of Results: 101, startAt: 0

Metadata for CQL, can be safely ignored.

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