There may be situations where you want to automatically restrict Confluence pages from users or groups which are classified at a certain level (e.g. highly restricted). With Compliance for Confluence, this is easy to do.

Compliance allows you to automatically change the visibility of the page with a single click. All you need to do is set up each Spaces' options and select the users/groups which you would like the pages to be restricted to.

How to Configure Automatic Page Restriction

  1. Navigate to a Space in which you'd like to set up automated restriction.

  2. Click on the 'Space Admin' button in the bottom-left of the sidebar and click 'Apps' or 'Add-ons'.

  3. You should be taken to the Compliance Space Configuration page, which allows you to:

    1. Opt this Space out of using the features.

    2. Force users to classify pages on creation/update.

    3. Set which groups (preferred) and users have access to pages of a particular classification level.

We recommend using groups, as the members can be changed later and will retrospectively change the page permissions. 

Recommendation: We recommend using Groups to restrict pages.

With Groups, you can change the members later and it will retrospectively apply these changes to previously classified + restricted pages.

Using Users will mean that when you change the members who can access different levels, this will not be applied retrospectively.