The complete Compliance for Confluence REST API can be viewed using the Atlassian REST API Browser, by enabling the display of Private REST API’s (toggle at the top of the screen).

If you have specific queries that you’d like help with, please raise a ticket with the support team.

Note Internally, Classification Levels are set by their Index, e.g. by default:

  • Highly Restricted = 0

  • Restricted = 1

  • Internal = 2

  • Public = 3

You must use these index values in the REST API.

Classify a Page

The most common use case for the REST API is classifying a page - which can be performed by following the instructions below:

Classify a certain page under a classification level with the following request:

  • Method:

    • POST

  • URL:

    • /rest/server-classification/1.0/classify?pid=12345&lid=2

  • Query Parameters

    • PID = Page ID, the page that you would like to classify

    • LID = Level ID, the level ID, as described in the Info Panel above.

  • Responses:

    • Success: 200/201

    • Failure: Any Other

The Legacy Documentation has some examples of other REST Calls.