Since its launch, Compliance for Confluence has seen tremendous growth and has been adopted by companies of all sizes.

However, we recognise there are a number of improvements needed to ensure Compliance (Server/Data Center) scales efficiently with larger Confluence instances and the features perform at the highest level regardless of the instances size and complexity. As a result, our development team have begun a large project to improve all the features contained within the product and upgrade the backend infrastructure to improve long-term performance. Please find an overview of the improvements you can expect over the coming months:


Estimated Completion Date

Design a new backend system to handle and process large volumes of data. This will significantly improve the performance of bulk change actions at scale and viewing statistics on large instances.

This improvement will benefit specific features which include, but are not limited to:

  • Generating a CSV for Global Statistics

  • Running a Sensitive Data Scan

  • Performing a Classification Level Bulk Change using CQL

  • Enabling Classification for all spaces

  • Enabling Force Classification for all spaces

Updated: January 2022

Due to employee annual leave and the holiday period we have decided to move the release back until January 2022.

Original: December 2021

Introduce Space Level Classification for customers who require this level of control in Confluence.

This improvement will enable users to classify an entire Space (and all sub-pages) a specific classification level. It will also ensure all new pages made in a space are classified correctly.

Updated: March 2022

Due to the shift in timelines above, this feature will be moved to March 2022.

Original: February 2022

If you would like to discuss any the improvements above or have additional suggestions for our future updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to provide the best experience when using Compliance for Confluence and any feedback you have can help us achieve this.