Compliance for Confluence is a Data Protection app which can be used in a lot of different ways. Each organization will have their own procedures and standards, so each user will have to approach it differently.

You will find the most common use cases below. These will give you insights into possible scenarios you may encounter and how Compliance for Confluence can support you in managing day-to-day tasks or more complex situations.

Classifying page content

Jessie works at a large company who are evaluating Confluence as their central knowledge base solution. One of their primary requirements is for content to be labelled (or classified) so it may be used in the appropriate way. Using Compliance for Confluence gives Jessie’s company the right solution to meet this requirement.

Find out how Jessie is using Compliance for Confluence for data classification to meet the needs of their business.

Automatically restricting content

Harry is a Confluence Admin for a small business who have been updating their documentation in Confluence. Members of their software development team have recently started work on a new SaaS platform solution. They use Confluence to store a detailed architecture of the system and writing up notes from their meetings. These documents need to be classified and restricted so that only members of that team can view and access them.

Find out how Harry can set up automated page restrictions based on the classification level.