Whilst the data classification levels are an important part of data handling processes, access restrictions are equally important.

Compliance for Confluence gives you the power to control page access based on the data classification levels. For example, you may require a new classification level to be set up for one of your teams (e.g. Software Development) and any content should be restricted to this team only.

With Compliance, you can easily set this up in Confluence Cloud.

Product Features

  • Classify Pages

  • Classification Levels

  • Automatic Restriction

  • Configuring Permissions

Use Case

In Compliance for Confluence you can create new classification levels and change their name and description. In this example, if we create a Software Development classification level this will allow you to apply page access restrictions.

The “Software Development” classification level is created in the Compliance for Confluence Settings as shown below.

Once the classification level is set up, Confluence Space can configure the page access restrictions by clicking on Space Settings, then Content Tools and finally clicking on Compliance. This is where the restrictions are set up.

On this page you will have the option to add specific users and groups to each classification level. If users or groups are added in the field, the page will be restricted to them.

As shown, Compliance for Confluence is a powerful tool that gives you extra control over the content stored in Confluence cloud.

If you have any questions or need help, reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help!