Compliance for Confluence can be used to restrict user access to pages depending on their classification level. For example, you may only want senior management to have access to pages classified as “Confidential” and with Compliance this is possible.

Confluence Admins can configure how page access restrictions are setup and can also activate or de-activate these on a Global or Space level.

Configuring Page Access Restrictions

Before you can setup page access restrictions in Compliance for Confluence, it is recommended to setup your data classification levels first. Once this is completed, follow the steps below to configure the page access restrictions.

You will need Space or Confluence Admin privileges to configure page access restrictions

Click on Space Settings in the sidebar and then access Content Tools. On the navigation bar that appears click Compliance and this will bring up the following configuration screen:

On this screen you will notice the classification levels you have set have now appeared with two additional fields; Users or Groups. This is where you select which users should have access to pages classified at the different classification levels.

If you would like specific users or groups to be able to access pages classified as a certain level (e.g. Highly Restricted), you will need to add them in the fields below the level title.

Recommendation: when setting up page access restrictions we recommend using Groups where possible. Groups are easier to manage if people change roles or access requirements change.

Once you have added all the Users and Groups you require, click Save and the page access restrictions have now been applied across the Confluence Space.

Enabling Page Access Restrictions at a Space level

Page access restrictions are not activated in a Space by default and you will need to activate these.

To activate page access restrictions at a Space level, navigate to Space Settings in the sidebar and click Content Tools. On the navigation bar that appears, click Compliance.

This screen will display a toggle to Enable Page Restrictions as shown below: