Welcome to Compliance for Confluence 👋

Compliance for Confluence is a data loss prevention (DLP) tool designed to help manage and protect the information stored in Confluence. Whether you are new to using Compliance for Confluence or wanted a quick refresher, this page will get you started with its main features.

The cloud version comes with two core features:

  1. Data classification levels

  2. Page access restrictions

Data Classification Levels

Data classification is the process of tagging data to make it easy search for and track. Effective data classification will help support your organisation’s efforts to protect data and apply the right level of protection depending on the type of information stored.

Compliance for Confluence allows you to customize the name, description and color of data classification levels. These classification levels can be applied to any Confluence page and are displayed clearly at the top making it easy for users to see and be aware if particular data handling procedures are suited to the content they are viewing (e.g. confidential).

Page Access Restrictions

Compliance for Confluence’s data classification levels can be used to restrict page access to specific users or groups within Confluence.

For example, if your companies policies state that “Confidential” content should only be accessed by senior management, you can easily setup these access restrictions based on the classification levels assigned to Confluence pages.

Page access restrictions can be assigned based on users or groups (as shown below). We recommend using groups as it simplifies access management in the long-run if employees transition into different roles or leave the business.

If you have any questions or require assistance when using Compliance for Confluence, please reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help 🤝