The classification levels in Compliance for Confluence are a critical part of the data handling process. Whilst it’s important to classify your Confluence pages accordingly, it is just as important to find the pages that are pending classification so they can be classified in a timely manner. With Compliance for Confluence, this is really easy.

After the app is installed, all pages will be set to Pending Compliance Level by default (as shown below).

The Pending Compliance Level status should prompt Confluence users to choose the appropriate classification level for their pages.

Search for the Pages Pending Classification

If you have a large number of pages it can be time consuming to go through each of these. Compliance for Confluence has a built-in search feature that allows you to find all the pages in Confluence that are pending classification. You can complete this search in three ways;

  1. All pages pending classification in Confluence

  2. All pages pending classification in a Space

  3. All pages pending classification created by a specific user

To search for pages that are pending classification, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the User Profile avatar in the top-right of the navigation bar

  2. Click on Pending Data Classifications

  3. The list displayed will show the Confluence pages that are pending classification