Find out how to customize the Classification Levels in Compliance for Confluence

Compliance for Confluence comes with a number of default classification levels that you can use from the beginning.

However, we understand that every business has unique needs and requirements, and this is why Compliance for Confluence allows Admins to modify and create custom data classification levels. This may be important if your business has specific policies or procedures and terminology that needs to be integrated into Confluence.

Changes to the data classification labels are reflected across Confluence which means all pages across all spaces will have their Classification Levels adjusted automatically.

To customize the classification levels, navigate to the Confluence Settings page from the top navigation bar.

Click on the Settings menu under Compliance For Configuration in the sidebar.

In this page, the names and descriptions of classification levels can be modified fit your needs, keep in mind that the maximum number of characters allowed for names is 40, and 200 for descriptions.

A new data classification level can be introduced by clicking on the Add Level button at the bottom of the page. The Save button allows you to finalize all changes.

Important Notes

  • Once a Classification Level is added, it currently cannot be removed. We are planning to implement this feature in the future.

  • The maximum number of Classification Levels allowed per Confluence instance is 10.

  • The colors of the Classification Levels are currently hard-coded, this means Level 1 will always have the color Red etc. The full colors available are (from Level 1 to 10): Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Grey, Light Red, Light Orange, Light Blue, Light Green and Light Purple. We are planning to introduce color customization in the future so that you have more flexibility when setting classification levels.