Compliance for Confluence comes with 4 default classification levels out of the box; Highly Restricted, Restricted, Internal, and Public.

Whilst these are useful to get started, we know that organization’s are likely to have their own levels and in many cases will have more than 4.

Compliance for Confluence allows admins to modify and create new data classification levels that meet the needs of your organization and match up with existing data handling policies.

Any changes to the data classification levels will be reflected across the entire Confluence cloud instance.

Changing the Classification Levels name and description

To begin customizing the the classification levels, navigate to the Confluence Settings in the top navigation bar.

After this loads, click on Settings under Compliance for Confluence in the left sidebar.

This page is where you can configure the names and descriptions of your data classification levels.

Classification level names can only have a maximum of 40 characters. The description can only contain up to 200 characters.

Adding Classification Levels

If you would like to add additional classification levels to your list, simply click Add Level at the bottom of the page. Once you are happy with your changes click Save to finalize them.

Important Notes

  • You can only remove Classification Levels that you have added. The 4 default Classification Levels cannot be removed.

  • The maximum number of Classification Levels allowed per Confluence instance is 10.

  • The colors of the Classification Levels are currently hard-coded, this means Level 1 will always have the color Red etc.

    • The full colors available are (from Level 1 to 10): Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Grey, Light Red, Light Orange, Light Blue, Light Green and Light Purple.