Jessie works at a large company who are evaluating Confluence as their central knowledge base solution. One of their primary requirements is for content to be labelled (or classified) so it may be used in the appropriate way. Using Compliance for Confluence gives Jessie’s company the right solution to meet this requirement.

Product Features

  • Classify Pages

  • Configure Classification Levels

Use Case

After deciding to proceed with using Confluence as their knowledge base solution, Jessie installs Compliance for Confluence. In her company, they have four specific levels for data classification with the following labels:

  • Highly Restricted - information that presents the greatest danger if it was lost or disclosed. Only limited audiences should have access to this information.

  • Restricted - only people with a need to know should see this information. Its loss or disclosure would pose a moderate to major risk.

  • Internal - commonly available to all employees. This information would pose only a minor risk if it was lost or disclosed.

  • Public - this data is freely available to the public and employees. It requires no special protection.

Compliance for Confluence allows Jessie to customize the page classification levels in Confluence to match the companies data classification procedures. Although they have only four classification levels, she can set and customize up to 10 levels, each with their own color and description.

To explain how to use the new knowledge base solution, Jessie organized a company training session. This training allowed her to demonstrate to her colleagues in just a few minutes how to set the classification levels on Confluence pages from the top of the page or when editing a page.

As you can see, Compliance for Confluence is an easy to use App that gives you a great way of classifying your knowledge base content into relevant categories, so that it may be used and protected more efficiently.