Compliance for Confluence gives Users the ability to apply data classification labels to Confluence pages in their Spaces. This feature is important for companies who have data handling procedures and terminology.

These data classification labels make it clear what information is contained within the pages in Confluence.

Once the app is installed, classification levels can be applied across all Pages and Spaces. By default, the pages will be set as Pending Compliance Level.

Users can change the classification level of a page by clicking “Pending Compliance Level” in the byline (as shown in the screenshot below).

Once clicked, a menu will appear and the User can select the appropriate classification level for the page.

Please note, classification level labels can be customized by a Jira Administrator to meet the need of your team or business.

It may be important to view the classification level history of a page. You can view this by clicking on the More Actions menu (three horizontal dots) on the top right and clicking Compliance History.