Compliance for Confluence enables users to add data classification levels to Confluence pages.

The data classification levels can be based on the information and data contained within pages or be based on the policies and procedures of your organization.

Only Confluence Admins can adjust the name, colour and description of classification levels.

Adding a Classification Level

Once Compliance for Confluence is installed users can add data classification levels to Confluence pages by using the byline:

By default, pages will be set as Pending Compliance Level

Changing a Classification Level

To change the data classification level of a Confluence page, click the byline label Pending Compliance Level and a menu will appear (as shown below).

The user can then select the appropriate classification level for the Confluence page.

The name and description of classification levels can be customized by Confluence admins.

Viewing the Classification Level Change History

It may be important to view the data classification level history of a page.

You can do this by clicking the More Actions menu (three horizontal dots) in the top right corner of your Confluence page, and then clicking Compliance History.