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Filter Approvals

Once you have navigated to the Approval Search, you can begin filtering your results to find the specific approval you are looking for.

You can use a range of different options to filter and sort your approvals (e.g show all Approvals, show pending approvals). We’ll go into this in more detail below.

  • Filter on Status:

    • Show my Pending Approvals

    • Show Approvals I have asked for

    • Show my previously Rejected Approvals

    • Show my previously Approved Approvals

  • Columns (Show/Hide and Sort):

    • Approval Title

    • Page Title

    • Overall Approval Status

    • Space

    • Updator

    • Update Date

    • Creator

    • Created Date

    • Page Version

    • Type (Macro or Page Approval)

  • Filter by Space

    • Interactive Search

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