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Email Notifications

You can setup Approvals for Confluence to send email notifications. There are three types of email notification you can receive:

  1. Status Update - if you are the content owner and you are sending the page or section for review and approval, you can receive email updates as it goes through the approval process.

  2. Approval Request - you can receive an email notification if a page or section has been sent to you for your review

  3. Re-approval Notification - you can be notified when an approval has expired on a page.

Below you will find screenshots demonstrating the three types of email notification in Approvals for Confluence.

These emails can be enabled at the system and approval level. They require that you have an email server configured in Confluence, but can then provide request and status update emails.

Status Update Email

Re-approval Email

Approval Email

Learn about the Email Notifications, Approvals can send to you

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