You can speed up the approval creation process by adding an Approval Macro into a template. This could be particularly useful if you have a pre-defined list of approvers for specific documents.

To use an Approval Macro in a template, start by creating a Confluence Template (Space Settings > Look and feel > Templates > Create New Template)

Next, add a Section Approval Macro by typing ‘/section’ as shown below.

Next, choose the relevant Approvers you want to add to the template using the settings menu below.

Once you are happy with your selection click Save to confirm your changes. Now its ready to add to a page in Confluence

Adding a template to a Confluence page

Create a page from the template by selecting the template from the “Create” options menu. The “Approvals template” you created should display as one of the options you can select.

Once you create the page, the Approval will be automatically added to the page which can save your organisation a lot of time.