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Default Page Approval Settings

You may find yourself using the same approval configuration settings across different page approvals. Instead of setting these up each time, you can use the Default Page Approval Settings to set a default configuration that can be used across multiple pages and will save you a lot of time.

Note: Default Approval Settings can only be setup by a Space Admin.

Follow the steps below to set up default page approval settings:

  • Head to Space Settings > Content tools > Approvals

  • Under the Default Settings Section, click Change Default Settings. This should open up a dialog with the default settings.

Choose the default settings you want for your Page Approvals in Confluence.

As a reminder, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Send Requests: Type the name of the desired reviewer’s name in the search field and their name will display. If you have set up an Approval Team, you can type the name of the team in this search field and choose to send the approval to this Approval Team.

  • Send Updates: When enabled, e-mails are sent to the approvers when they are requested to review a page

  • Expire on Edit: When enabled, the approval will automatically expire if the page’s content has been approved,. When an approval expires, its status is reverted to pending.

  • Expire on Date: When enabled, a relative expiry date can be set for you page approvals. For example if the relative expiry date is set to 3 months This means that when a new approval is added, its expiry date is set to be 3 months from the approval’s creation

  • Set Total Approvers: This sets the minimum number of approvers required to approve the page.

Once your default settings have been chosen, click “Save” and these can now be applied to future Page Approvals.

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