With Approvals for Confluence, it’s easy to get an overview of the pages that are pending your review. To do this, you need to access the Approvals Search page.

This can be accessed by clicking the Approvals Search on the left hand navigation panel.

Here you can view and filter the documents waiting for your review. The Approvals Search page also allows you to do the following:

  1. Export to CSV: download the information as a CSV file.

  2. Bulk Change: by using the checkboxes on each row, you can approve/reject multiple documents at once. To perform this action, select the documents you would like to approve or reject and click the Bulk Change button.

  3. Help: directs you to a help page where you can find out more about how to use Approvals search.

  4. Filters: approvals can be filtered based on the following options:

    1. Approval Type: Whether they are page approvals or section approvals.

    2. Spaces: Filter approvals based on whether they belong to 1 or more spaces.

    3. Status: Here, you can filter based on the following statuses:

      1. The following statuses are used in conjunction with the User filter:


        2. REJECTED BY

        3. APPROVED BY

        4. REQUESTED BY

      2. The following statuses are not used in conjunction with the User filter:

        1. ALL PENDING : Get all approvals that are still pending.

        2. ALL REJECTED : Get all approvals that have been rejected.

        3. ALL APPROVED : Get all approvals that have been approved.