Section approvals are a great way to get specific parts of your content reviewed. This feature may be useful for certain documents where you require different people or teams to provide approval on different parts of a document.

To add a section approval to your document, you simply add it as you would a regular macro in Confluence. Type ‘/' followed by the phrase ‘section approval’ and it should appear in the dropdown list as illustrated below.

When you click on this macro, a settings dialog similar to the one below will be displayed.

Choose the settings you need for your section approval before you send the content to your reviewers.

As a reminder, you can adjust the following settings:

  1. Approvers: Type the name of the desired reviewer’s name in the search field and their name will display. If you have set up an Approval Team, you can type the name of the team in this search field and choose to send the approval to this Approval Team.

  2. Expire on Edit: When enabled, the approval will automatically expire if the page’s content has been approved,. When an approval expires, its status is reverted to pending.

  3. Send Requests: When enabled, e-mails are sent to the approvers when they are requested to review content.

  4. Enable Comments: When enabled, a comment is added to the page every time an approver approves/rejects.

  5. Prevent Status Changes: When this is enabled, an approver cannot change their approval/rejection once it has been provided.

Once you have chosen your Section Approval settings, click Save and your content will be sent to the chosen reviewers. The section macro will look similar to the one below