Approvals for is a great way to get approvals on your projects, tasks or documents.

The app works within the items on your board, making it easy to get started and also helps you keep your work within the platform, reducing the need for context switching between multiple programs.

One of the common use cases for Approvals for is the need to do a simple content approval. For example, this could be a single-cycle approval with a small number of approvers.

By using Approvals for, you can setup the approval process in seconds and send your content to colleagues for review.

Use Case

After adding a number of items to the board, we want to submit a few items for review and approval.

We start by opening the item that we need to send for approval and click the Approvals tab

In this window, we can select who should review the item and configure the approval settings. Once completed, we click Save and this automatically sends the item to the selected individuals for their approval. They’ll also receive a notification to let them know the item is waiting for their review. It’s as easy as that!

The reviewers can now access the item to complete their review, provide any comments within the Approvals tab, and choose whether to approve or reject the item.

Once all of the approvers have completed their review, the item will be sent back to the us for amendment or finalisation. Quick, easy, and simple to use - for everyone!