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Multi-stage Content Approval

Noah is part of the recruitment team at Trez Inc and is creating a job description for the new ‘Head of Product Development' role in the business. The job description requires different teams to review the document to ensure the salary and job expectations are correct before the role can be advertised.

Noah will need to create a multi-stage approval process to ensure his line manager, head of recruitment, and head of development are able to review the document before it is advertised. This is where approvals for can help Noah, as he will be able to quickly set up different approval rounds under one item with no complicated process.

Product features:

  • Adding a multi-step approval process

  • Customizing the approval title

  • Selecting the right reviewers

Use case

Noah can send the job description for review using email and add all the relevant people needed to view the document. This process might seem efficient, but it can become complicated as the email chains will become longer. That will result in Noah spending more time sifting through email to capture feedback. Approvals for can simplify the process as the document can be reviewed, approved, and improved all in one place.

For this task, Noah creates three separate approval rounds that the document will go through before it can be published. Once the first draft of the document is completed, Noah creates his first approval round (A), where the document will be sent to his line manager.

Once the approval is approved, Noah creates another approval round (B). The document will be reviewed by the head of development to ensure that the job description and responsibilities are correct.

Noah adds the new approval round and customizes the title to show which department will be reviewing the document.

Once the document is approved, the job description will be sent for final approval (C), which will involve the head of recruitment and finance. The document generally will be sent to the head of recruitment, but Noah wants the head of finance to double-check that the salary figures are correct.

Noah will normally create two separate approval processes to send the document to both teams. However as he is working towards a timeline, he ensures to customize the approval title to show both departments.

Once the document is approved, the job description is ready and can be published on the company's website.

Need support? We’re here to help 🧡

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