Approvals for is a simple way to send your projects, tasks and documents in for review and approval.

The app works within the items on your board, making it easy to get started and helps maintain your work within the platform.

One of the other common use cases is to have a multi-stage approval process. For example, you could have two or three approval cycles for a document with different approvers. This might be relevant if you need initial sign off from someone like a line manager before it progresses to other team members (e.g. Finance, Legal).

By using Approvals for, it’s really easy to set this up so in a few seconds you can add the approval and get the item sent to the review team.

Use Case

After adding a number of items to the board, we want to submit an item for a two-stage review cycle.

We start by opening the item and clicking the Approvals tab.

On this screen we can setup multiple approval processes to meet the needs of our team or organisation. For this example we will just add two approval cycles.

We can add multiple approvals by clicking the Add New Approval button twice. This will add two approval cycles to the item and give us the option to customise the approval by either changing the name or adding the different approvers.

Once we are happy with the configuration, click Save and the item will be sent to the selected approvers for their feedback and decision.

(Fast forward a few days…)

Both of the review cycles have been completed, all of the approvers were happy with the content, and the item has been approved!

Job done!

It’s worth noting that at any stage, we can easily check on the progress of approvals by clicking into an item, opening the Approvals tab and reviewing the status' here. The overall approval status of an item will also appear in a column on our board.