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Manage feedback upon approval or rejection

With Approvals for, you can easily send tasks, items or projects for approval and control at which point the approval team has to provide feedback.

This guide will explain the different feedback options available when configuring your review and approval process on

Configure Approval Comments

You can select when you want your team to leave approval feedback during the review and approval process.

To do this, open any item on your Monday board and navigate to the Approvals tab. Next, navigate to the Settings (A) option as shown below.

Subitem a.png

The Approval settings will open, and you must scroll down to the Require comments (B) option.

Subitem b.png

There are three options you can select within the required comments field (C), including:

  1. Never - Approvers don’t have the option to leave approval feedback

  2. On rejection - Approvers can only leave approval feedback when they have rejected an item

  3. Always - Approvers can leave approval feedback when they have approved or rejected an item

Subitem c.png

Once you have selected the desired configuration, this change will then be applied to all of your approvals in

Providing Approval Feedback

If you've been asked to approve an item in and wish to provide approval feedback, ensure that you make your approval decision before proceeding with leaving feedback.

If your approval process requires you to leave approval feedback upon approval or rejection, first select your approval decision (D).

Subitem d.png

Once you have made your approval decision, the comments section will automatically drop down as shown below (E).

Subitem e.png

You can leave any approval feedback in the comment section. Once done, click the save (F) button to update your approval decision status and save your feedback.

Subitem f.png

If you want to edit your approval feedback, you can go back to the approval round and click on the comment icon (G) next to your approval decision.

Subitem g.png

Need support? We’re here to help 🧡

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about Approvals for, please contact our Customer Support team.

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