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Candidate Screening and Approval in Recruitment

In this guide, we'll take you through a scenario featuring Noah, a member of the recruitment team, as he creates a job description for a new position in his company.

Before the job description can be advertised, Noah must ensure it receives approval from the necessary departments.

With Approvals for, Noah can seamlessly manage the entire process from draft to advertising without leaving the platform. In this use case, we'll show you how Noah uses Approvals for to guide the job description through a multi-stage approval process.

Product features used:

In this use case, we’ll explore the following Approvals for features:

  • Applying an approval template

  • Adding a sequential approval process

  • Approval feedback

  • Approval automation templates

Use case

Noah is responsible for ensuring that the job description receives approval before it's advertised on their company website. To achieve this, he must adhere to the existing approval process established by the recruitment team.

To achieve this, he relies on an existing approval process established by the recruitment team. This process is facilitated through Approval for's approval templates, which can be easily applied to any item within To start the approval process, Noah navigates to the approval templates section (A).

Rc a.png

Once Noah locates the required approval template, it will automatically apply to the item. He ensures that the process follows a structured workflow, where the approval rounds will go through a defined set of approval steps before sign-off. Noah adds a sequential approval process (B) to ensure that these steps are followed in a specific order.

Rc B.png

Noah starts the approval process, and the first approval round is activated (C). Reviewers are notified of the approval request automatically via the notification center and by email.

RC C.png

Now that the job description has been approved and signed off, the job advertisement is live on the company's website and social media platforms.

The recruitment team utilizes forms to gather candidate applications, with Noah overseeing their management. Before progressing candidates to the next recruitment stage, Noah sends their applications for approval to the relevant teams.

To initiate the process, Noah accesses Approvals within the candidate form item. Here, he applies the necessary approval template (D) to send the application to the appropriate teams.

RC D.png

Noah has improved his workflow by utilizing one of the Approvals automation features (E). This automation smoothly moves candidate application items to a designated section on the board depending on the outcome of their approval.

RC E.png

With his board well-organized, Noah can quickly send emails to applicants who have progressed to the respective sections, significantly improving the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

RC .png

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